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What idols do on their days off

Disclaimer: Don't own or know anyone, so I apologize If I offend anyone with my writing. It's strictly fiction accept a few more outrageously funny things - those tend to be inventions of this korean guy named Kim HyunJoong:) (and will be, when directly cited, written in italics). Oh, and don't own Everland (go figure). And am not making any money with this fics.

He came to Everland on time and looked around for MinHo. It seemed he wasn't there yet, so he went closer to the entrance and stood waiting in the shadow provided by the massive columns. He spotted hyung about ten minutes later, getting out of the car wearing anything but fan protecting gear. He wore fashionable tight jeans and a v-neck t-shirt (a deep cut v neck, an attention seeking v neck (AN: the one from facebook page, that my only reader can't set as her desktop picture for fear of being too distracting:))) and a  broad grin on his face as an accessory. HyunJoong felt his breath hitch and his pulse speed to unknown frequency. He had to admit, he appreciated the outfit. But when MinHo approached, he still found the strenght to reproach him like a good older brother should:
"Yah, what are you wearing?! Have you never been here before? The fans will tear us apart now!"
A very surprised MinHo was just staring at him with this innocent expression that said "I have no idea what you are talking about". He somehow felt disarmed: "Ah, never mind, you have clearly never been here."
"No, It's my first time, really."
Right, that was a bit unexpected. "Is it really cold in there? Are we going to some hunted mansion or something? Can I borrow your hoodie if it gets too cold?" Ouch, even more clueless than myself, thought HyunJoong, and grinned.
"Nah, it's ok. We just won't get any alone time now. Next time, you have to wear some kind of costume when you go to an amusement park, remember that, ok?"
If he could read the younger boys mind, he would have seen, that he was still stuck at the "alone time" line. Everything beyond that seemed to have gotten lost in his foggy brain. 
Now they were here, they had to decide what to see first. And HyunJoong new exactly where he wanted to go. The young one's glazed look didn't go unnoticed by him, though it might have seemed that way. He grabbed MinHo by the hand and chose a bee-line towards the toilette facilities, this time really being careful to not let the fans see them.
MinHo hasn't been able to catch his breath after the short, but quick, walk yet, when he felt hyung's hot mouth covering his own in a tiny space away from the curious crowd. After a rather long make out session, HyunJoong finally released him and grinned. "Right, now where do you want to go?"
When he realized, that MinHo really had no idea where he wanted to go, and honestly, being far more romantic than hyung, cared for nothing more than to spend an hour or two together, HyunJoong decided for the both of them. "Right... Let's see... Let's go there" He pointed to the scariest ride in the whole park, the gigantic roller-coaster. The last time he went there it was with buin and he still wondered how he could have lost that silly bet. But making bets being his addiction, he couldn't really help himself:
"Ya, Min, (did I just call him Min?!), do you want to make a bet?"
"A bet? Hm, sure, what did you have in mind?"
He smiled a mischievous smile. He's been to the ride before (not to mention all the other scary rides in this park), he should be able to do this: "How about we must not scream the entire ride?"
MinHo was really so innocent, he thought, not really knowing the ride, he still went along with it:
"Ok. What do we bet for?"
"Hm, how about the looser has to perform an ayego at the park entrance, hm?"
MinHo blushed, but agreed, and HyunJoong was really excited. There weren't many things in this world that he loved more than bets... well, maybe the 369 or rock-paper-scissors games, but at the moment, the bet (and the previous snogging session) made his day.
They went for the ride, all the way chased by a large crowd of fans, who finally recognized their favorite flower boys and haven't given them a moment of peace ever since. During the ride HyunJoong questioned himself numerous times, why he kept getting himself in this stupid bets he was never able to win. He had to admit, even if just to himself, that he was a coward at heart and he wanted to scream his lungs out after the first ten seconds. But his competitive nature forced him to clap his mouth together, grit his teeth and put on a somewhat brave face (somewhat being the key word here). He was going crazy, but MinHo didn't even flinch. Oh man, he really hated acting cute and especially in such a public place. That punishment was meant for MinHo.  And truth be told, he didn't wish that to punish him, he just really wanted to see his cute act. He hated acting cute, but loved watching his loved ones perform.
The only problem was, that MinHo wanted to see his ayego too, and was not going too utter a sound until he saw it, and than those will not be screams of fear, he believed. He has seen his cute act on-line and knew, hyung, being quite too busy and not interested in that, hasn't learned another one, so it will be something he has seen a hundred times, but it will be so much fun!

It went up and down, the ride. He was trully scared. But he sooo wanted to win, so he clenched his teeth together and prayed. He knew MinHo was just as afraid, since he hardly stopped himself from jumping in his arms during the ride. And if anyone asked, that was the only reason why he was now, one climb before the end of the ride, tightly holding the
younger one's hand, clutching it like his life depended on it. Ne, of course it was his concern for his younger brother (or whatever he was now), that made him hold his hand and not the fact, that he was scared to death when he saw what was ahead of them. But still, no mather how freaky the ride got, no one uttered a sound, until something unexpected and totaly unfair (at least in his oppinion) happened just before the end. The ride was about to drive back to starting point, when a bee flew past him, circled his head and sat on his shoulder. That was the final straw. He jumped in his seat and squeaked like a little girl, turning to MinHo for protection: "Aagh, help me! I fear bees the most. Yah, get it out of here. Get her away from me! Save me!"

And than he heard another scream, not coming from him this time and a tone deeper than the one he produced. "Ah, I guess he got influenced by his character too," he thought. But than he noticed that there was something wrong with the sound of that scream. It wasn't exactly a scream of horror. Wait, it sounded more like a scream of joy, one that has by now turned into a loud laughter. He opened his eyes (he had no idea when he closed them) and saw, that while he was panicking about the bug, the ride has ended and MinHo's laughs were his expression of victory. That totally ruined his victory track record. And once again, he'll be performing his ayego in this park. Oh, well, at least the fans will be happy, he thought.


I have used hyung once or tvice for MinHo, though I know he's younger. But, as I don't speak Korean, I don't know a better way of addressing him. If anyone does, help is welcome.

Ayego - not sure about the spelling, according to translations, a cute act - a funny, cute act, something you show when you want to be cute (can see HyunJoong's in WGM ep. 26, part 2)
Everland - Everland and Lotte World are two of Seoul's amusement parks where HyunJoong seems to find himself everytime someone want's an outside interview:). Has manny rides and a zoo:)


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Jul. 16th, 2009 04:05 pm (UTC)
So, this thing needs a title...TBc won't do, i guess :) So if achih or any of your friends have any ideas (BTw, ta tvoja prijateljica annaluna me ni dodala, moram pa priznat, da bi mi blo kar fajn še kako kritiko slišat, tko da če veš za koga, ki bi to bral,... kar:)).. ideas welcome
Jul. 17th, 2009 08:45 am (UTC)
ja ker ji nisem še poslala. vmes smo imele eno serijo za pogledaz iz VB in sva pol zašli ^^;;;; ji bom v priliki. ma sem lena.
ampak ce si prezaspana nikar ne postiraj. oz si vzami cas za betirat.
Pa skrajni cas je da najdeva en comunity za te decke ;)
Jul. 17th, 2009 10:41 am (UTC)
:) ta lenost je tud pri meni problem:) - dam spell check in me zaboli glava:)
ampak bom se danes potrudla, ok?:)
Jul. 17th, 2009 11:18 am (UTC)
spell check opravljen:)
btw, glede na to, da ti edina to bereš, mam eno vprašanje...
kok, hm, kako nej se izrazim, do kakšne oznake (K, T, R) si lahko dovolim it, preden bo preveč? Včeraj sem mela trenutek navdiha, pa sem napisala nekj, kar lahko vodi v več smeri:), ampak predelč si pa ne upam:)
Jul. 18th, 2009 05:08 pm (UTC)
vse do nc-17 lahko gres. pwp, je zal brez zgodbe, zato ga odsvetujem ;)
Ti kar pisi. tudi hard eros!
Jul. 18th, 2009 09:35 pm (UTC)
kaj je pwp?
a si ti vredu? sm slišala, da si se dans slabo počutla? upam, da je vse ok. js ostanem do četrtka, grem v lj na faks in pridem do petka dopoldan nazaj:)
sabo imam tudi en pikanten ramen brez mesa in pol zeljne glave:) vabljena kdaj na kosilo:)
Jul. 26th, 2009 06:59 am (UTC)
C'mon they're so adorable!!! :D I love Lee Min Ho clueless part.

"He came to Everland
Is the Everland real amusement park? So cute what are Koreans doing with" all this villages, parks..:)

"AN: the one from facebook page, that my only reader can't set as her desktop picture for fear of being too distracting:)"
so, true *lool* LMH playing volleyball half naked ^////^

"Hm, how about the looser has to perform an ayego at the park entrance, hm?"
Please put in footnote what ayego is :)

"The only problem was, that MinHo wanted to see his ayego too, and was not going too utter a sound until he saw it,"
buwahahahha.Go Lee Min Ho!!! Faitto! :D
Jul. 27th, 2009 10:42 pm (UTC)
Pls remind me if I forget - sometimes in the future, I must have MinHo feed him some cake or make him eat some - seen some CF and, hm, well, must include that;)
Jul. 28th, 2009 07:03 am (UTC)
Re: Reminder
sure. Ice cream would be nice to.;) btw, are you planning to do nc-17?? Please !!! *_*
Jul. 28th, 2009 11:07 am (UTC)
Re: Reminder
NC - 17? :) well... Might be, only than I must make sure my sis never ever finds this
Jul. 29th, 2009 10:09 am (UTC)
Re: Reminder
looool. moraš zamenjta mejl naslov :P
You can post at the F4 slash community and no one would know! btw, saj te lahko berejo le 'friend'. če ne odpre ona LJ in te ne frendira, in je ti ne nazaj pol ni panike. Če te pa že hoče frendirat, pol je pa mogoče tudi sama fangirl *loool*
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