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Happy Birthday Achih

"Oh come on Severus, get your butt away from the computer and let's go! We're late! I should have never introduced you to muggle contraptions. Now look at you, you silly fanfic adict!"
"Shush, I'm coming, stop shouting! And watch your tone with me, boy! You should respect me, fear me, look up to me, you know?!"
"Yeah, yeah, you big bear! Now let's go. You know she does not have a fireplace and she put up a ton of anti-apparition walls. We have to floo to your great uncle Emerich in Salzburg first, than we're flying south. We wont be just fashionably late, if we don't move now, but MinHo will get his and his lover's butts there before us. And that means alot, since leader's never on time. And don't get me start on DeRo. You know those Germans and their punctuallity. "
"Yes umma, I'm ready, let's go!"
"Oh, dam you, I have to stop you from hanging out at those fan bases. Where has my own greasy mean old warlock gone?!"
"Ha, ha, you know you still love me!"
"Oh, bollocks, you know I do."
A couple hours later:
"Auch! Severus! How many times do I have to tell you, to let me fly this thing. I know how to land perfectly well by myself, thank you!"
"Agrhtnljubjhb..." mumble.
"Oh, dear friend, sorry for literary crashing to your party:)."
"What do you mean crash? We were invited!"
"Well, we were not invited to tear appart her porch. But, nevertheless ... Happy Birthday!"
Snape hummnig allong: "Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Achih, happy birthday to you!"


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Nov. 26th, 2009 12:54 pm (UTC)
looool. hilarious. from your pen to my porch (not the B.Adam's one!!!).
Thanks dear. *giving multiple hugs*

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