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Title: Untitled
Pairing: WooBin/YiJung
Rating: Pg-13 (because of some language)
Warnings: angst, suicide attempt
Disclaimer: Don't own BBF or the characters, unfortunately. I'm not making any profit.

He came to that place that nigh to forget. He planned to drown his sorrows in soju and depths of river Han. He wanted to obliviate his past, present and future. He wanted to forget the one person standing in front of him now, trying with all his might to prevent him from jumping.
He told him he was embarrassed of himself, ashamed of his family and their business in front of them, ashamed of what his future held for him. The truth was, he was ashamed of himself and the fact that he could neither admit nor deny his feelings for his best friend.

He told everyone he spent his nights clubbing with different women, taking them home and to his bed, night after night, after night. What he really did was go clubbing every night, so he could be with him for a few more hours, dancing and drinking and felling close and connected. Then he took home random married women, usually so drunk, that come next day, they would be bragging to their friends about their wonderful young lover, unable to remember that he only ever took them from behind, fast and without caresses, even more drunk than them, with soft moans of YiJung on his lips as he came.

And now he was walking on a rail along the busy road over river Han, as drunk as dunk can be, being persuaded once again by that beloved voice, to not forget, to not end, to join him in another night of clubbing. But most of all, to still be his best friend, the one person he could not imagine his life without.

He came of the rail and knew, as he did, that he will spend another night clubbing, another night drinking, another night fucking random women, but most of all, another night wishing, he could love, caress and fuck his best friend, his only solace and biggest despair.


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Aug. 7th, 2009 03:52 pm (UTC)
Love the start of Woobin/Yijung slash. I wouldn't mind to read also YiJung angst part. and then the 'both slasshy love part'. looking forward to them ^_^
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